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Adult Affiliate Programs

By Home Business Journal
Tuesday, November 3, 2009; 1:30pm EST

Adult affiliate programs have taken off as an incredble method to generate phenominal wealth over the past number of years. Essentially what these programs do is allow anyone with an adult web site the ability to add free content, advertisements and other various forms of adult media to their site via links to free hosted content or content they put into their website's themselves.

When users visit the adult web sites that anyone can own, they view and click on the various adult affiliate network content throughout the site, most if not all of which is linked to opportunities where users can buy subscriptions or content from that particular adult web site affiliate. In return, the original adult web site owner receive a commission, often a very generous sum, for finding and delivering a new customer to the adult affiliate.

There are a couple main ways you make money from these programs. The first is receiving sign-up commissions, often ranging from around $15 to well over $150 per new customer signup to their adult web site. With the average sitting around the $30 to $50 mark, you can quickly calculate how much you wealth you could generate if your site has heavy traffic. This method is great if you want a fixed amount of money per signup.

The second and very popular commission method for adult affiliates is the percentage of revenues option. What happens is when a user signs up for one of your adult affiliate's web sites or services, you will receive a percenage of their ongoing purchases. What's great about this is how some adult sites, such as live adult webcams have customers that keep coming back again and again, and you get a piece of the money action!

Either way, it is clear that adult affiliates stand to make major cash if they do some research; investigate what the best adult affiliate networks are out there; determine what the best pay option is on a case-by-case basis and build a web site with quality content that will attract lots of traffic. While there isn't immediate cash flow, with a bit of work and learning, you'll be cashing checks from your adult affiliate programs in no time at all!

There are tons of great resources and discussion forums on the net that help teach you what to look for in a quality adult affiliate network or individual adult web sites; and they help you connect with other adult webmasters to discuss ideas, marketing, link trades, software to use and other such information with others that may be quite seasoned in the industry. So there are lots of sources for help out there, the adult affiliate networks are free to join, and making a web site can be super easy these days with the advent of easy to use site creation software - so what do you have to loose? Give it a try!




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